Some Good News!

I've been praying a lot lately for help with our finances. I've been learning a lot at the same time about having faith in God in times of need, not worrying, just continuing to praise and worship and know that He will bring you through.

Lately, things have been getting worse instead of better. My computer is on the outs, our basement flooded, the steering in the van is going, the list goes on.

Today, during my prayer time, I had a feeling that I wasn't actually relying on God to bring us through. I was working myself, praying for blessing on my business (not this one, another shop) stressing out over lack of sales, etc.

I made a decision to put that shop in vacation mode. I'll be finishing up the orders but I'm focusing on trusting and relying on Him, while at the same time focusing on this shop, trying to raise money for a ministry I want to start.

About 1 hour later, while I was on the phone with my mother and a call came in. Since it came up unknown name, I didn't bother answering it figuring it was a telemarketer. After I got off the phone I checked the message. It was from one of the higher ups where my hubby works, asking him to call back.

Since hubby is in working overtime, I emailed him and let him know.

He is getting an interview for a promotion that he didn't even apply for, 10 days after the application deadline. It would mean moving up in the company and a move towards no more shift work. It would also mean a substantial pay increase.

He didn't apply for this job. He thought about it, but our computer couldn't keep a connection long enough for him to fill out the application. (we're on dial up so that happens fairly often)

I know not everyone shares my beliefs. I respect that. I'm so overwhelmed right now, though, that I could literally cry.

This is no guarantee that he'll get the job, but to me, it shows me that He's listening. :)

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