This Blog Needs a New Name!

I need your help!

I want to rename my blog, but I'm can't seem to come up with anything good.

So, I'm going to have contest!

I will collect names starting today until Monday. All you need to do is leave your choice for a name for my blog in the comment section. On Monday, I will choose my favourite. The winner will receive a free 125x125 web ad from my shop!So, get your thinking cap on. I need your brains!

4 Response to "This Blog Needs a New Name!"

  1. Hi,
    Just an idea.
    "At the top of the page"

    My thinking cap is really rusty, so all I could come up with is "The Queen's Court"

    Terri says:

    I like it as is, but probably because that's what I know you as.

    Then again I like rosepetals idea!!!

    I vote for keeping Banner Queen LOL I think the name is great because every time I see it I get that 70's song "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head... yeah on 2nd thought maybe you should rename ... got the song stuck in my head again LOL. I will think on it and get back to you :)

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