Today's Featured Shop - ChristalDreamz!

When I decided to start this blog, featuring shops that I've done work for, ChristalDreamz was at the top of my list. Not only was her banner incredibly fun to design, I found her work just made me..happy! My daughter would absolultely love this shop!

So, as soon as I could, I sent off the questions. Lets see what she had to say, shall we?

Tell us a bit about you and your shop.

My name is Shantelle. I'm an active duty military member, who has an addiction to everything artsy and crafty. ChristalDreamZ is my baby, It's a handmade jewelry site featuring cute and sassy pieces for everyone. Every piece I make is made with love, I feel that if you don't have a passion and a love for your items regardless of what it is, it will definitely show in the end result.

What inspires you?

My passion for making and creating pieces that I love and that I'd personally where are my inspiration. I know everyone will not like my pieces, and I'm ok with that, as long as I stay true to myself, I will always be successful.

What is your fa
vourite item in your shop and why?

My current favorite item in my shop "today" would definitely have to be the Sun Rayz Bracelet. I absolutely love this bracelet, it's fun and colorful, it's like having a little bit of sunshine on you at all times. I love it!!!!!!!!

What do you love about Etsy?

What's not to love about Etsy, until about a month ago I didn't know about the forums, etc. I have learned so much from fellow Etsyians, I love the interaction among individuals and the fact that even though everyone is competing with other shops, people still are looking to help and encourage others, it's like another family for me.

If the world could only know one thing about you, wh
at would you want that to be?

If the world could know only one thing about me, it would be "2 Know Me is 2 Luv Me"

Now for the fun questions:

If you were a colour, which one would you be?

I would be fuschia, a nice blend of pink (sweetness), and red (fiesty) what better description of my personality lol.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had some kind of extremely sweet pastry that someone brought in to our office.

Coffee or tea?

I'm definitely a coffee girl.

4 Response to "Today's Featured Shop - ChristalDreamz!"

  1. M.M.E. says:

    I really like her ribbon bracelets. Very simple and yet they make you think back to your childhood.

    ArtSnark says:

    fun post! love the pieces & the questions

    Lori says:

    Hi, great interview! I'd love to see her shop but I don't see a link.

    Shantelle says:

    Thanks for featuring my shop!!!!!!!

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