I have a confession to make. It's a shameful one, and you may think less of me when I tell you this.

I am a soap addict.

There, I said it. Now you know the awful truth.

I can't stop myself! The scents, the shapes, the wonderful soapy goodness! It's too much for me, I can't control myself!!!

And since misery loves company, I've decided to corrupt all of you too. Just look at all this wonderful soap!

Honestly, I'm not sure if I should wash with this, or eat it! Baby Cinnamon Rolls from Soapotomus

Or how about a slice of Pomegranate Fig Bundt Cake with your bath from Soap Store?

These brightly coloured, flower shape soaps from Satin and Birch are a gorgeous addition to your bathroom decor. They're gorgeous and smell delicious too!

Seriously, I can't believe these are actually soap! These are art, pure and simple. Wonderful, fragrant, sudsy art.

I'm in love!!

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  1. Oh, now I see the comment button...I was looking for it at the bottom of the daily blog. Nice work, Deon. Easy to read and digest...not too busy.

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